Texas Attorneys Handling IRS Problems

With ten locations across Texas, from Austin to Houston, we provide professional tax law assistance within reach. Call us if you need help. We’ll sit down with you, listen to your situation and help you negotiate the complexities of your tax issues.

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A Powerful Voice

If you’re facing back taxes or unfiled returns due to financial hardship, you need a powerful voice to help speak for you. From wage garnishment prevention to audit representation, we make our voices heard…for you.

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Texas Tax Attorneys – Solving IRS Problems

When you owe money to the IRS and need the expertise of a licensed tax attorney, Houston -based Brannan Law Firm can help. We’re tax attorneys in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Lake Jackson, Corpus Christi and Waco, Texas. Meet face-to-face with a local Texas tax attorney today to get help with your IRS problems.

Financial hardships happen. You get stuck with mounting debt or unanticipated expenses, and all of a sudden, you have tax debt you can’t pay. When it doesn’t get better, you stop filing, hoping the tax problem will go away and unsure of how to negotiate with the IRS.

Don’t give up. Whether you have unfiled tax returns or unpaid back taxes, the tax lawyers and staff at Brannan Law Firm have solutions for you. We can navigate the complexities of IRS penalties and notifications with you. We can negotiate with the IRS, oftentimes settling for less. We can offer advice and a powerful voice on your behalf.

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Success Stories

Struggling with deepening, unresolved tax issues? Find out how we’ve helped others get back on track.

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Your Tax Solutions Team

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Client Testimonials

This is one situation I am glad we could, with help, get resolved. I hope to never again get myself into a problem like this without you; it could have grown much more serious. It is good to know there is a firm with the experience and know-how to resolve such a case. Thank you for being here for us.

~ T. Thompson
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